Crewing management.

Our company's key objectives are attracting, employing, and training highly competent seafarers for your vessels and handle all your crewing requirements. Through us, crew management will become a pleasant experience for you.


Our flexible approach helps us be fully committed to the highest quality of personnel service and management. We provide your fleet with suitable personnel, with the necessary skillsets and know-how.

Crew change

Our commitment to safety, customer service, and standards paired with the newest tools, automation, and new tech ensures that the rotating schedule of hired seafarers is properly managed, allowing for easy crew changeover.

Travel arrangements

We partner with the best and most reliable travel companies to assure low ticket costs and safe and on-time flights for all crew members.

Cost cutting

Our business reality is constantly evolving, travel to certain regions of the globe has become more difficult and expensive for many businesses. By sourcing seafarers from us, you will save up to two times on the crew alteration costs.

Quality & Efficiency

Our qualified team adheres to the highest standards of crewing and shipping industry, ensuring that the project is completed to the utmost possible benchmarks.


All data and documents supplied by Seafarers are submitted online and securely kept in our database.
Dashboard and alerting systems are ensuring compliance of seafarers' competence by efficiently monitoring for the validity of visa, training, certifications, flag state, medical emergency, etc.