Remote Work (RW) has become an essential component of the 'way to work' for many organizations worldwide. We offer various options for becoming efficient and expedient in this new way of the world.
Crew managers, superintendents, IT specialists, and other specialists in shipping are all available to work. We hire and board new employees while handling the essential paperwork, like payrolls and taxes. 
A contract can be terminated or replaced at any moment. All administrative and human resources are entrusted to us, while training and operational processes will solely be under your per view.


Part-time job

Temporarily, we can provide professionals for different projects. Hourly rate will be applicable, which means you will only be charged for real labor completed. Flexible working hours, no hidden fees, and convenience.
Inform us of the specialists your company requires, and we shall set up the first interview with the candidate within 14 days from your inquiry. You'll appreciate how simple it is to have an all-in-one fixed price.
Bonuses, vacation compensation, and other extra payments are excluded.


Full-time job

We provide full-time consultants that will be dedicated to your company's needs and want, with the uniform set of responsibility and accountability as your permanent employees would have.
This lets you have less administrative hassle with permanent employees avoid expensive and liable contract termination processes. 
All legalities, payrolls, taxes, and replacement arrangements (on request) are taken care of by us. The smooth and painless process will be made possible by the fixed monthly cost.
Send us the job description and we'll arrange the candidates within 30 days.

Data protection


We recognize the value of keeping information private. We guarantee the security of your intellectual property and the prevention of its misuse or disclosure to a third party. 
We follow all internal policies and procedures that restrict access to sensitive data set out by our customers. All of our consultants are required to sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement.



If you are looking to create a traditional business structure with permanent staff but are having trouble finding qualified individuals, Look no further. We have the solution.
We offer a diverse catalog of individuals with wide-ranging experience in the fields of marine, shipping, and port operations. Teams of the new crew can be assembled promptly. 
Our reasonable rates and expert labor will ensure you are satisfied beyond expectations.