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Web development

Through the aid of web interface-based tools, make your everyday activities more efficient.
We build a bespoke front and back end system for you to support your business operations, such as specialized crew management software that handles crew-change planning, online evaluation systems, and mariner's expense forms, and other customized processes. Algorithms and dashboards are used to control data intake and quality. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and C# are all used by the most popular frameworks.

Data engineering

• Database design
• Migration 
• Organization and optimization.
• Extract Transform Load
• Software's we specialize in MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB

Data management

• Document digitization using OCR software
• Unstructured data standardization
• Data analysis
• Data scrubbing
• Machine Learning
• Algorithms and dashboards

Assistance & Advice

We analyze corporate operations and look for areas where automation or efficiency might be improved. Workflow, apps, and database architecture are all designed by us. We integrate with third-party software as needed to improve the overall efficiency of the business process. End-users will receive high-quality service, quick problem fixes, and rapid development of new features with 24/7 support.